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Thursday, April 03, 2008

i'm going to put in thousands of words...

they say a picture says a thousand words. so to safe my hands from carpal tunnel syndrome, i will be writing less - which is evident from the date of my last post - and put in my thoughts, views, and etcetera through pictures.

so, do visit my Fotopages and occasionally, my Flickr photo album.

until my next blog - don't know when - be safe, be good.

Monday, October 01, 2007

AWAS! Smart TAG sahaja

Podacit...!!! Tak pepasal kena tag. ENAM BULAN nkau kata... nah ambik penangan tahap dewata ni. Doplopat jam pun tak sampai. ZASSSSSSSSSS...

5 menda dalam beg galas aku...

1. Notebook kerja
2. CD lagu raya
3. Documents kerja yang aku bawak balik rumah kononnya nak review
4. Check untuk bayar vendor
5. Charger spare untuk handphone

5 menda dalam dompet aku...
1. Duit la kan... <-- copy paste edit paro punya... hahaha
2. Kad membership MARES
3. IC, lesen memandu kelas B2, D dan GDL
4. Kad ATM dan kad kredit
5. Duit kertas RM2 untuk improve reception handphone

5 menda feveret dalam bilik tido...

1. Katil dan selimut
2. Radio clock, kasik tidur/gerak aku. <-- copy paste paro punya lagi...
3. Charger handphone dan wayarless aku
4. Bokken
5. Camera dan adik-beradiknya

5 menda aku wish nak buat...
1. Jadi kaya raya... muahahahaha.....
2. Pass exam CW
3. Ambik lesen scuba diving
4. Belayar dalam kapal selam
5. Memancing kat semua tasik-tasik besar kat Malaysia

5 menda aku buat skarang...
1. Tulis mende tagging bodo nih <-- copy paste paro punya... hahaha
2. Suruh harmonics buat homework
3. Belek mende nak beli kat internet
4. Belek fotopages family dan kenkawan
5. Tag kat tagbod aku. <-- copy paste paro punya lagi... muahahaha

5 orang kroni yang patut kena tag sekali...

1. Doctor In The House
2. Ifos
3. Ikelah
4. Boogey
5. Red

Sunday, August 26, 2007

MIFC - Team Italy

went to putrajaya last saturday night to watch malaysia international fireworks competition. that night team italy was firing up a very spectacular display. show started at 10 pm and ended around 10.20 pm. it was worth the wait and braving through traffic.

im facing problems uploading to my fotopage album, so im putting those photos up here.

heres a view of the cable bridge from the position we were at.

here is red adjusting his camera, sitting on tripod cap ayam. check out his photos on his fotopages.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

a night in dsh

salams people. got this flu from mikhail. he wasnt feeling well upon our return from taman negara so he slept with me. three times he sneezed in my face at point blank. had to use a towel to dry my face from his icky sneeze. so i got the flu from him. and everyone else got it too.

while everyone else recovered within 3-4 days, i didnt. changed antibiotics from erythromycin to augmentin (amoxycillin). still no apparent progress. had difficulty in breathing so went to see the doc for the third time, upon which he referred me to the hospital. my brother ikelah recommended dr mohd daud, consultant cardiologist at damansara specialist hospital. so off i waltzed to dsh, saw dr daud and... was admitted. he ran some tests and xray to rule out typhus, dengue, malaria and pneumonia. it turned out, i only had a simple virus infection. simple??? i think its a bit more complicated.

turns out the flu gave me a throat infection and aggravated my sinus. so i couldnt sleep well at night. but to wear off a viral infection, one has to sleep. so, while in the hospital, he put me on augmentin IV, poloramine (drowsy antihistamine), vitamin c, and dormicum. i slept and immediately felt better this morning. one of the best sleep in 2 weeks.

when he saw me again this morning, i could breathe easier and my mood was much better. he asked if i wanted to stay another night, to which i declined. i have my princess waiting for me at home :)

so now i know, next time i get the flu, and cant sleep, all i need is something that'll help me sleep.

oh yeah, the doctor said its okay for me to travel to kuantan for the weekend. i think good food will help speed up my recovery. heh heh...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy.. Stress... what else will come next?

Salams all

been very busy at work. only checked my yahoo email once in two weeks. a bit stressed out.

happy belated birthday to ifos, ikelah and red. and upcoming birthday to boogey. who else..? aki's unofficial birthday is this month too.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

OMIGOSH!!! I've been tagged!!!

i've been tagged. so i must reveal six weird things about me. here goes nothing...

six weird things about Pang5

1. i'm an amateur radio operator a.k.a. ham radio. i have two mobile amateur radio units - one in each car, four amateur radio walkie-talkies and four frs radios. i also have 7 antennas not including those for the walkie-talkies. im now learning morse code.

2. when blogging, most of the time i prefer to type in lowercase. on occasions i would restrain from using apostrophes as well.

3. i used to study for medicine. when i quit, everyone else followed suit - boogey, nona and khin. i was the pioneer of non-medical practitioner in the family. hahaha.... but i found strong interest in emergency response when i was in the usa.

4. i was a firefighter in the usa. i was certified to operate heavy rescue equipments. that means, i can drive and operate a heavy rescue vehicle (rescue 6) and its equipments - jaws of life (hydraulic cutter/spreader), hydraulic spreader, rescue air bag and an assortment of heavy cutting tools.

5. i hate flying. and everything that deprives me from being in contact with solid ground, direct or indirectly.

6. i dont like being under influenced of drugs. i try to avoid taking medicines that induce drowsiness. and thats why i preferred epidural over general anesthesia.

so who do i tag next? hmm...
1. red
2. dith
3. fahroe
4. aida
5. orang kilang
6. minah

tagging rules. once tagged, the target must reveal six weird things about him/herself. and then tag others. break the chain and youre a party pooper.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse This Sunday

Picked this up from a forum. So, take out those cameras!!!
Those interested to see the Total Lunar Eclipse , don't miss this event on the early morning of 4th March 2007 (this Sunday).

The moon will enter the penumbra (lighter part of the earth shadow) around 4.04 AM , barely noticable with the eye. But the real show starts around 5.30 AM, where we start to see the Moon slowly disappear in the earth shadow.

But that's not all.

The Moon will be totally eclipsed at 7.20 AM, sun rises at 7.23 AM. Therefore we should see some really cool eclipse , when the Moon is Setting in the west, while the Sun is rising in the east! whooaa!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kind Treatment of Wives

i ran into Abu, an acquaintance last week. he asked about my leg and i told him how it happened and how much longer i have to be in crutches. then abu asked,

"are you married?"

"yes, i am"

"so now you can really appreciate your wife, eh"

"yes, i really do."

and we parted with those words. even without him pointing that out, i have been appreciating my significant other. only occasionally i have been quite poor at showing it. i got her gifts for 14 feb, and didn't complain (smirk) when the gift was not reciprocated.

so, to all you guys out there, appreciate your significant other. here's a nice article i'd like to share with you - Kind Treatment of Wives.

and to the ladies, please don't be too hard on your guys. and i have this nice article for you too - An Introduction to Polygamy.

Happy reading!

Friday, February 09, 2007

On trial... by His Almighty

Wednesday 21 Feb: He has "checked-out" of the hospital. now on the way back to kuantan. x-ray and scan done earlier today were normal. insyaAllah he's out of danger already. Thank you all.

Second op was a success. Has moved out of CICU and now back in normal ward. Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers.

He has to go for re-operation tomorrow Friday 16 Feb at 8 pm. Please pray for him.

The operation was a success. He's recovering now although still under observation in ICU.

My eldest brother is on trial, as defendant no 1.

Followed by his wife, children, parents, siblings, and the rest of the family.

He was having this incessant headache. Two days ago, he went for an MRI.

The result.... tumor in the brain.

He's in KL now, in preparation for a surgery to remove the tumor. Tomorrow - Saturday afternoon.

Please join me in prayer and doa for his safety and recovery. InsyaAllah.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

im going skiing.... yeee haaaaa...!!!

oh yeah... right!

went to the hospital this mornng.. to be fitted with a boot. its a plastic boot with straps and all, almost alike a ski boot. i had to wear a football socks underneath for hygiene purpose, but its all making my right foot all warm and sweaty.

the boot is quite heavy. can only take it off during shower and sleep. otherwise, it stays on. wednesday next week, i'll be seeing the doctor again to take the stitches off. and i'll be on mc again until that date.

someone invited me to shoot some thaipusam photos. like duh! he's well aware of my limited mobility situation, and yet still insist that i accompany him. oh, he's the same person that didn't dare including me at the canon zoo negara photo shoot. so, its pretty much confirmed.. he doesn't really dare to compete with me. hahaha.....

on another note, a mares team is leaving for batu pahat this evening. mares will be leading a group of volunteers with essentials, food, medical and school supplies to be delivered to hard to reach flood victims and those who havent received any aid from other groups.

... and oh, the boot is made in california, usa.